About the Fire Safety Risk Assessment Guides

Published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), the Fire Safety Risk Assessment guides are for employers, managers, occupiers and owners concerned with the premises covered by each fire safety guide.

The Fire Safety Risk Assessment guides do not set prescriptive standards but provide recommendations and guidance for you to comply with fire safety laws. They offer guidance on how to carry out a fire risk assessment and identify the general fire precautions you need to have in place within a particular premises or venue.

The fire safety guides apply to England and Wales. In the early stages of development, the information held in these guides was co-ordinated by the Office for the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) as a result, they are occasionally referred to as the 'ODPM Fire Guides'.

These fire safety guides are divided into two parts:

Part 1 explains what fire risk assessment is, how you might go about it and provides a easy to use checklist to help you cover the five steps of a fire risk assessment. Fire risk assessment should be the foundation for all the fire precautions in your premises.

Part 2 provides further guidance on fire safety precautions. The information is provided for you and others to dip into during your fire risk assessment or when you are reviewing your fire safety precautions. Appendices provide supplementary information.

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